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Electronics and
Precision Engineering

Construction and
Infrastructure Building



Electronics and Precision Engineering

At AEI, we manufacture precision aluminium extrusions that form components of sophisticated products of the high-tech electronics and precision engineering industries.

We pride ourselves in providing quality products and services to our customers across various industries. Our customers have stringent quality requirements and value AEI's commitment to quality and high standards. Our ability to deliver our products to our customers within a short turnaround time enables our customers to enhance their supply chain management. Besides fulfilling their orders within a short lead-time, our close proximity to customers also means we can offer them the flexibility to review and modify product prototypes before mass production begins - a service that is highly valued by our customers.

We serve a diverse base of customers across the region, including companies whose production processes involve precision machining and industrial automation.

Our expanding range of precision aluminium extruded products include

- Electronic components

- Clean room accessories including clean room structures, tables and work tops

- Automation equipment such as conveyor structures and parts, assembly lines and work stations

- Industrial machinery including machine frames, machinery components, linear tables and actuators

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Construction and Infrastructure Building

With our manufacturing capabilities to supply a wide range of aluminium extruded products, AEI has established itself as a reputable industry player with an established track record in the construction and infrastructure building industries. We serve a wide range of sectors including public infrastructure, building construction, interior fixtures (including certain office equipment), signages and advertising panels.

Besides the high quality of our products, we have the ability to generate a high volume of aluminium extruded profiles through mass production to meet our customers' requirements.

The use of AEI's aluminium extruded products in several major buildings and projects is a testimony to our customers' confidence in us, and attests to our high quality standards.

Our wide range of products include

- Building construction such as curtain walls, window frames, door frames and skylight windows

- Public infrastructure such as highway flyover guard-rail, street signs, bus shelters, fencing, floor decking, railings and telephone booths


- Structures such as helicopter pad and decking

- Interior fixtures such as office plan systems, furniture, curtain railings, window blinds, exhibition panel and racking systems, picture frames, shelvings and wardrobes

- Signages/ advertising panels such as lighted signages, lighted bus-stop advertising panels and rotating advertising billboards

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